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Social Proof in the context of Social Media

What is Social Proof? It is basically the force that comes into act in our everyday lives when it comes to decision making. Be it a big, life changing decision or a small one which brings about minute changes, Social Proof exists everywhere.

Social Proof is the effect of the different groups that are formed within the society. It is a terminology used to that is used to represent the collective mentality of human beings in a positive, constructive way. This subject has been widely researched; however to put it simple, we all like to follow and do things that other people-like-us do.

So the question is, how does Social Proofing impact the Social Media? Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter; etc has contributed hugely towards success of businesses worldwide. So let’s now take a sneak peek to how Social Proof impacts businesses through social media;

Mentions on Social Media: One of the best ways to source Social Proof in the Social Media platforms if keeping a constant check on your social media visibility. The user must be able to implement effective strategies to surface these posts of social proof on a regular basis, which would give the required visibility.

Social Media Plugins: A huge boost when it comes to Social Proofing in Social media is adding the social plugins like the Activity Feed, the Recommendations Plugin, the Like Box, etc. How these plugins help is by attracting the attention of the users by publishing the thumbnail image or the names of the people who have already subscribed, shared or liked the post or page.

Testimonials & User Experiences: Publishing the testimonials and user experiences is another great form of user social proof; since this allows you to highlight the good experiences that the consumers have got while interacting with you. You have to be a little hand on in identifying the customers who have been left with a good taste when it comes to interacting with you so that you can have them write a positive testimonial or user experience about their interaction.

Advertising: Promoted Tweets and the different Facebook Engagement and Sponsored Stories advertisements are great instances of social advertising, which empowers marketers to give a better direction and efficacy to their advertising efforts and propel the Social Proof in advertising efforts. These advertisements again provides the required the much required visibility in social proofing, which is extremely important.