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Elbows off the table and LET’S talk manners



As civilisations become older, a sense of order tends to permeate through its members. This is often unspoken and vague, yet breaking this code can lead to being ostracised from society. So it is with social media. There are generally accepted rules that define what a successful business does in this space. I’m not talking about any specific platform’s terms and conditions, although breaking these will likely result in loss of your profile. No, I’m talking about the more ephemeral ideals that people expect to see on online. Like keeping your elbows off the table at dinner or not chewing with your mouth open, it’s important to avoid the following social faux pas.

Keep On Message

When people follow your accounts, they are signing up based on several fact
ors. Brand recognition, previous dealings, keeping up to date. Followers are also using your profile information to get an understanding of what your account is about. As such, you should be keeping your posts related to this outline. Each time you go to put something online, ask yourself if it is in line with your brand. Will your followers find value in it?

Tightly aligned with this is avoiding spam. It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a slippery slope when you’re starting to post more frequently. If you struggle to find useful content, the topics may begin to broaden into areas not aligned to your business. Your followers will see this and become blasé about future posts, drastically reducing engagement.

Communication is two-way

No-one likes being talked to. As humans, we want to engage with others. It is called social media after all. As such, if someone writes a comment or sends a message, respond to it. In fact, for some platforms such as Facebook, quick response rates can even help improve your account’s ranking. Now, unlike your teenage daughter, as a business you can’t be on your phone 24/7; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t put aside a small amount of time each day to respond to online messages.

This can be taken too far though. If you start to rely on automated messages, then you can drive people away. Messaging a welcome when someone follows your account may seem like a good idea, but consider yourself on the receiving end. How many default “thanks for signing up, why not check out XYZ” messages have you ever actually followed? It just comes across as spam, and we’ve already discussed what happens with that.

Play Nice

Don’t disrespect others. It may seem odd to have to mention this specifically when discussing manners, but here it is anyways because it’s just so important. Online disagreements can easily get out of hand, becoming personal or vindictive. This will only end badly for your brand. Be respectful to everyone, especially your competitors. Their audience will probably see your communications and guess what, they are also prospective clients for your business. If you take the high road, they’ll see that and your brand will grow in their minds. Of course, don’t let your competitors freely disparage your business. Provide both sides of the coin with civil responses so that readers can form their own opinions.

Following these simple ideas will help you to avoid online backlash from your social media accounts. Whilst this list is by no means extensive, it is a great starting point. The biggest piece of advice we can give is to take the time to consider your social media strategy. What image do you want to portray for your business? Keep this in mind when posting and you’ll avoid a lot of the pitfalls. And if you’re ever in doubt as to the direction you’re going, Social Media Angel is just a phone call away.




Social Media Image Dimensions


Dimensions for images change often and are different for every platform. Here are the current dimensions for you. Hope this helps.


Cover Photo 851 x 315 pixels

Profile Picture 160 x 160 pixels

Uploaded Photos should be 470 pixels wide for best news feed view

Videos should be 504 x 283 pixels for maximum benefit

Featured Images in link posts should be 470 x 246 pixels



Header Image 1,500 x 500 pixels

Profile Photo 200 x 200 pixels

Shared Videos 480 x 360 pixels

Shared Link/Photo 499 pixels max width


Cover Photo varies based on whether Company page or Personal page

User Profile Photo 240 x 240 pixels for paid users, 200 x 200 pixels for free accounts

Shared Links featured image will display at 442 x 238 pixels


Cover Photo 1,080 x 608 pixels

Profile Photo 250 x 250 pixels

Shared Images display at 426 pixels wide

Shared Link full width thumbnail 426 x 255 pixels


Images on Main Page are 236 pixels wide — height varies

Profile Photo 200 x 200 pixels

Pin page expands photos to a maximum of 736 pixels


Profile Photo 110 x 110 pixels

Photos in feed display at 510 x 510 pixels

Cover Photo is a mix of your uploaded photos

Instagram photos are square (keep that in mind)


Channel Art Photo 1,546 x 423 pixels

Profile Photo 100 x 100 pixels minimum