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Create a Social Media Marketing Content Plan.

Defining your target audience is the basis of all marketing that you will do in your business.

It seems simple. Most of us know our market based on the demographics of age, gender so on and so forth, but we need to dig much deeper to give your customers an experience that they will fall head over heels in love with. So, without any further ado let’s get stuck in.

  1. We must without a doubt put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. What are they thinking about or trying to achieve when they are doing their research?
  2. Once they have found what they are looking for, where do they go from there?
  3. And the most important step… What is the FINAL question that they need an answer before making a purchase?

You really need to get inside their heads. Easier said than done, right?

Meet Marion: Marion is

  • Analytical
  • Methodical
  • She’s interested in facts and figures
  • She talks to her friends
  • She uses LinkedIn to gather information
  • She likes to B2B approach that LinkedIn provides
  • Likes to be able to ask her peers recommendations

Her approach is

  • Early – Do I really?…
  • Middle- What is involved?…
  •  Late -How much?…

Meet Jerome: Jerome is

  • Creative
  • Visual in his approach to business and life
  • Passionate
  • Curious
  • Always asks before deciding when buying
  • Asks friends for recommendations
  • Uses Google to search
  • Jerome uses Facebook, Instagram to find what he is looking for

His approach is

  • Early – What is?…
  • Middle- How do I?…
  • Late -Where can I?…

The next step is to decide if you will use social media for business and what KPI’s you will be looking for.Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to achieve?’ Without a goal, you can’t tell if it’s working or not. Like every other business activity, you must set goals no question.

When looking at the goals there are three main possibilities:

  1. Building a community – You may have already grown a community in a closed group with people who have already engaged your service or brought your product. You may have 200 people in your private group which in the first instance does not seem like many you have a group of customers that you have nurtured over time.

Here are the metrics that you can use to measure the activity in your group

  • Number of people in the group
  • Engagement on your LIVE videos
  • How much engagement you are getting on your daily posts
  • Is your group asking you questions and are you engaging with them?
  1. Increase your brand awareness- More and more businesses are using social media to build brand awareness. On average, we spend 2 hours a day or close to it which is why building your brand on social media is more important than ever before. If you are using Twitter to build your brand than these are the metrics that you should be paying attention to:
  • How many followers do you have?
  • How many impressions?
  • Are people mentioning you and sharing your tweets?
  • Have a look at what the top tweets are (this will help you understand what your audience is looking at).
  • Check out how many people have checked out your profile.
  • How many new followers have you acquired?

NB, you can find these metrics in Twitter analytics.

Boosting engagement is the SECOND most important metric we use to measure our social media KPI’s. Building engagement is the way in which we build trust, perception and recommendations in the digital space. Engagement is so important on Facebook and Instagram as these platforms prioritise posts that receive higher engagement showing them in the feed before the posts that receive a lower engagement level.

  1. Choosing the right network.

It is surprising that when people begin to use social media to promote and build their business that they decide to have an account on every platform imaginable. Please don’t do this. It is so time consuming for a start and can be counterproductive. Take the time to do the research and find out which platform your potential customers are on.


According to the Sensis Social Media Report 2016 our favourite social networking site is still Facebook. Worldwide Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users. Facebook users are watching over 100 million hours of video content DAILY on the platform. There has been a 700% growth in video views since the launch of Facebook LIVE.

Facebook have recently released the ability to advertisers to promote their products via the messenger app. (More on this later)


This platform has not really taken off in Australia has it has overseas therefore make sure that you research as much as you can as to whether this platform is going to serve your business. In 2014 Twitter had 45% of the social media space. In 2016, it has dropped to 34% and continues to decline.


The Sensis report tells us that Instagram had 31% of the social networking space. Instagram continues to grow at a steady rate. If you have a business that relies on images then this is a great platform for the fashion and beauty industry. Back in 2016 Instagram released a feature called Instagram stories which allows you to share all the great moments in your day as a story. (We will look deeper in how to market with this feature later.)


Pinterest is a platform for collating all your favourite things on what is called aboard. The demographics for Pinterest are skewed towards a female audience which holds an 11% of active users in the social media space in Australia. Eighteen percent of the female population that is on social media uses Pinterest on a regular.


This is still the primary platform used for business to business networking. According to the statistics more men than women use this platform.


Four hundred hours of video is uploaded worldwide to YouTube every sixty seconds. YouTube is a male dominated space.


This audience is a young one with the average age being in the 19-29 bracket. In the United States this app ranks ahead of Tumblr and Twitter with Millennials.

There are many smaller niche networks out there that could very well suit your product or service rather than the main stream so don’t forget to research these as well.

Topics for Content 

The next step once you have chosen your platforms is to get the content you are going to post, keeping in mind if you are posting to more than one network the content will need to be crafted according to the platform.

Your content needs to be:

  • Unique
  • Specific
  • Relevant
  • Be about what your audience needs not what you want to sell.

Don’t focus on trying to get the next viral post. Not a realistic goal and is not what your content goal should be.  You need to focus all your efforts on cultivating and nurturing your community. Talking about what you sell all the time and making it all about you will lose you fans more than gain them. The idea is to keep them around and engaged so that when they need to buy a product or service that you provide, you are the brand or company that they think of first. ALWAYS create content around your target audience.

Now you have the tools to seek out your target market and which social platform they are hanging out on it’s time for the fun stuff. Get creative and get posting.

Elbows off the table and LET’S talk manners



As civilisations become older, a sense of order tends to permeate through its members. This is often unspoken and vague, yet breaking this code can lead to being ostracised from society. So it is with social media. There are generally accepted rules that define what a successful business does in this space. I’m not talking about any specific platform’s terms and conditions, although breaking these will likely result in loss of your profile. No, I’m talking about the more ephemeral ideals that people expect to see on online. Like keeping your elbows off the table at dinner or not chewing with your mouth open, it’s important to avoid the following social faux pas.

Keep On Message

When people follow your accounts, they are signing up based on several fact
ors. Brand recognition, previous dealings, keeping up to date. Followers are also using your profile information to get an understanding of what your account is about. As such, you should be keeping your posts related to this outline. Each time you go to put something online, ask yourself if it is in line with your brand. Will your followers find value in it?

Tightly aligned with this is avoiding spam. It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a slippery slope when you’re starting to post more frequently. If you struggle to find useful content, the topics may begin to broaden into areas not aligned to your business. Your followers will see this and become blasé about future posts, drastically reducing engagement.

Communication is two-way

No-one likes being talked to. As humans, we want to engage with others. It is called social media after all. As such, if someone writes a comment or sends a message, respond to it. In fact, for some platforms such as Facebook, quick response rates can even help improve your account’s ranking. Now, unlike your teenage daughter, as a business you can’t be on your phone 24/7; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t put aside a small amount of time each day to respond to online messages.

This can be taken too far though. If you start to rely on automated messages, then you can drive people away. Messaging a welcome when someone follows your account may seem like a good idea, but consider yourself on the receiving end. How many default “thanks for signing up, why not check out XYZ” messages have you ever actually followed? It just comes across as spam, and we’ve already discussed what happens with that.

Play Nice

Don’t disrespect others. It may seem odd to have to mention this specifically when discussing manners, but here it is anyways because it’s just so important. Online disagreements can easily get out of hand, becoming personal or vindictive. This will only end badly for your brand. Be respectful to everyone, especially your competitors. Their audience will probably see your communications and guess what, they are also prospective clients for your business. If you take the high road, they’ll see that and your brand will grow in their minds. Of course, don’t let your competitors freely disparage your business. Provide both sides of the coin with civil responses so that readers can form their own opinions.

Following these simple ideas will help you to avoid online backlash from your social media accounts. Whilst this list is by no means extensive, it is a great starting point. The biggest piece of advice we can give is to take the time to consider your social media strategy. What image do you want to portray for your business? Keep this in mind when posting and you’ll avoid a lot of the pitfalls. And if you’re ever in doubt as to the direction you’re going, Social Media Angel is just a phone call away.




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#Why Use ###?

Why #?

We use hash tags in social media to identity a keyword within a message or a topic. It helps people to find you when they are searching.

For a small business, hashtag’s used the correct way can really help drive your message forward.

Here are a few ideas on how to use the tags.

Don’t use too many in a conversation. It can make it very difficult to follow the conversation, and where the purpose is to influence, it can be quite disruptive and have the opposite effect. Generally speaking one tag is enough, but you need to determine this through how your audience is reacting.

When considering your strategy it is important to really think about which ones you will use. It should be a way to give your followers away to keep up with the conversation.

One of my clients has one particular company that he is associated with who follows his page and shares his post. We use a specific tag for them so that they can follow and share his posts easily.

Tags are a great way of having all your posts related to a certain subject in order so that they are easier for people to find and follow. It keeps everything in order, kinda like OCD for social media.

Don’t make you tags too long, although if you are using a tag on your posts that someone else is using you have to use it, if you want your posts to show up in that tag stream.

The hash tag is a very powerful tool so go ahead don’t be afraid, try and see what works for you.