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Easy Design Tool Box Part 1

Easy Design Tool Box

It is a scary process to try and design visual content for your social platforms especially  if you are not a designer, so I thought I would share some FREE tools that are not hard to use and are fun to use.  All of these tools are web based. There are many mobile apps, but that’s a whole new post for another time.

So here we go……


Canva for Blog


My #1 fav is Canva. Very easy to use tool for non- designers. Connect via your Facebook account and you’re off and running. There are hundreds of free elements to use . There are templates that are the correct size for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+  etc. You can design presentations, invitations, Ebook covers. The list is endless. Choose from 1000’s of images and 100 of fonts and design away to your hearts content.  You can crop, use filters, change backgrounds and even match colours for text and backgrounds but that’ another post!

For more info and to take a look around go to Canva. ENJOY!!

Google Chrome Extension

Eye Dropper

Next on my list is the Google Chrome  colour picker add on called ‘Eye Dropper’. This is a great little tool for when you get a little bit more adventurous and want to match image or web page colours to your designs. There are a few of this colour picker tools but I prefer the Eye Dropper because it’s so very easy to use.  All you do is open your image or webpage, click on the tool  place it over the colour and the tool will give you the HEX code and the RGB code for your particular colour.  The screenshot below shows what the tool looks like when is use.


You will find this tool by clicking here.






As a non designer choosing a colour scheme for a post is tricky especially as the post needs to be pleasing to the eye to the wider masses and not to myself.

This is where these tools will come in extremely handy for you. It takes the guess work out of which colour complements the image and is pleasing to the eye.

Lets look at my favourite first- Pictaculous. This is a colour palette generator. It’s freaking awesome.  All you do is upload an image……tell it to get your palette.Wait for the page to do it’s thang and there you have a perfect palette for your image. Now you have a few options to choose from without having to spend hours pouring over colour wheels.   So easy!!

Pictaculous   A Color Palette Generator  courtesy of MailChimp



Design Seeds

Another colour tool is Design Seeds.  On this site you will find palettes upload along with images that have been submitted by colourlovers.  Not interactive like Pictaculous. but  great inspiration if you already have an eye for colour.

design seeds   search   for all who ♥ color

Design Seeds