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Calling All Party Plan and Direct Sellers. This one is for you.

Now I know that you are excited about your products and that you desperately want to get the word out there and sell more of those gorgeous products that you can’t stop talking about, but stop……….and let me pose this question to you. Are you using your Facebook Business Page to your best advantage? Do yParty Planners and Facebookou know who to use it to your best advantage? If you are struggling and feel like giving up, please don’t! Read on and find out how making a few little tweaks can make all the difference.

Are you doing everything exactly the same as everyone else? You know the sheep syndrome because it’s time to change. Finding it to darn hard to conjure up content that your tribe are going to love and share? I know it doesn’t get any easier, but maybe just a little tweak here and there will be just what you need to kick it up a notch!

So read on. You must be interested you’ve come this far!

Let’s see if we can’t set your page on fire.The most important thing that you have to remember and this applies to everyone that is using social for business, is to not sell, sell, sell. This is the quickest way to lose people. No one likes being spammed with promotional posts screaming BUY ME! So forget posting promotional posts every hour of every day. You must STOP! Yep, I hear you saying but I need to sell my products and book parties. I know I’ll give you hints how. Read on.

When considering what content you are going to create put on your creative cap and think outside the square. You’ll be surprised what will happen when you give your imagination the freedom to be creative.

Again, don’t post like a sales rep.

Post everyday on a regular basis, more if you can. Why? There is so much going on in the newsfeed and every one of us is fighting for space so to post less and on a less than regular basis, well quite frankly it is a waste of time. Check out your insights and see when your tribe are most likely to be on line and post then.

Get up close and personal. No, not like that. By personal I mean by posting pics of your team at a product launch or take a photo of your work space and let people see you in your natural environment. And when someone interacts with you, engage with them. Get into a conversation.

Ask for an opinion on a dilemma you may have. Could be something like what colour suits best or summer or winter? Think outside the box.

You can talk about your products and how they have helped you and that is why you adore them so much but cut the sales pitch.

Share your knowledge on your products.

You could create a Facebook group and invite your loyal tribe members there. Great place to get a captive audience. This is where you could offer them something for being a loyal customer and make them feel very special. A group member only special. Once you have them captured don’t let them escape, (only joking).

Use both the business page and the group in your strategy.

Have you seen that little button on your timeline cover? The one that says ‘create your call to action’. Configure this. It’s easy peasy. Just make sure that you choose the one that is going to be more beneficial to you and your tribe. No point using the sign up here if there is nothing to sign up for.

Get game and use Facebook ads. Done correctly a little can go a long way and bring you  great results. This ad format is so controllable. If it’s not working, then you can stop the ads and tweak to your hearts content. Remember Facebook have the last say on whether your ad will run or not, so make sure you stick to the guidelines on the amount of text and what you can advertise.

And last but no least………. have some fun building your tribe and if you still find yourself struggling on your own it’s probably time to call in the cavalry and get someone to one training.

And really last but not least. If you are using your personal profile as your business page, then please stop now before the Facebook police shut you down.


Happy Friday


Are You Using the Facebook Graph Search for Your Business?

I believe that one of the biggest headaches for people marketing or building their brand on Facebook is trying to find out what content people like and what to share, so today I want to share with you several ways you can use the Facebook Graph Search tool to find out what to share with your fans.

So let’s dive in and take a look!

The tool I am talking about isn’t a download. You don’t have to pay for it. It’s already available to you right on your Facebook account.

Yep, there it is!

Facebook Graph Search

Search #1:

Now, for the first exercise let’s say you wanted to find out what other pages the people who like your page , like. Type in the search bar- ‘pages liked by people who like {name of page here’ } and hit enter (obviously you don’t type in the quotation marks). Here you see some of the pages that people follow who have liked my page.

This is a great help if you are going to running a Facebook ad campaign and you need to decide on how and who you are going to target those ads to.

Facebook Graph Search 2

Search #2:

The second search is this- ‘ pages liked by people who {name of page 1 here and name of page 2 here}.

 As you can see in the graphic, Facebook has now found more pages. This is a great search to use to check out what other companies in your field are posting and you may be able to utilise and share some of their content. After all being on Facebook is about sharing. If you comment on the posts of your competitors you may be able to win some more fans your way, but that is a whole different story not for today.

Next we come to ‘posts or photos liked by people who like {name page here}.

Easy way to find images that you can share without through your own or others timelines to find relevant content.

 Facebook Graph Search 3



Search #3:

 If you have your own friends that like your page, they will be more inclined to share your content if they are enjoying your page and in doing so your content is being shared among a wider audience.

Do so this search type in your Facebook search bar – ‘Friends of my friends who like {name of page}.

Facebook Graph Search 5

If you’re friends of friends profiles are public you will be able to scroll through their timelines and see what interests them and if it is line with your strategy you can share their posts, ever increasing your reach. HINT* Make sure that what you share is relevant for your major audience or clients. Don’t post for the sake of posting.


Search #4:

The search query that I used in this grab was ‘friends of friends who work at [name of company}. Gives you another angle with which to see what interests people have so that you are better able to target your content in the right direction.

Facebook Graph Search 6

So that is the Facebook Graph Search tool.  A handy one to have when you need to see what your fan audience is interested when on Facebook.