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Struggling with your Facebook Engagement?

Social Network ConceptIt seems that everyone is using social media to promote their business. Social is still a great tool for you business and there are ways that you can be heard. It is very important to realise the same posts will not work for all businesses. It is up to you to decide and monitor what works for you and build on that.  Let me share a couple with you.

Pose a question and ask for advice- this is a great way to get your community talking to you. As them to help you solve a problem. Remember that it doesn’t always have to relate to your business.

Actually if it doesn’t it is better.  Why?  Because we don’t like to be sold to we would rather be informed.  We zone out when we are sold at. You know the feeling when you go into a shop and all you want to do is look and browse……

Here are a couple of examples: “Hey guys, the other day I saw a post with a recipe for Banana Cake. I didn’t save it. Did anyone else see and save it?” or “I have a friend who is struggling with………….does anyone have any ideas how I can help?”

Run a poll – Polls work well because you are not only gathering vital information to use at a later date, but also you are creating discussion points.

For instance, if you are a cafe and want to know which of your coffee’s people like the most use a poll.

Here’s the link to help you get started. Facebook Poll App

And don’t forget after you have the results of your poll, share them with your community. One strategy that you could use is to offer the results in a giveaway report. If you ask for an email address to access the report it’s even better because you are building your email list at the same time.

Photos account for 93% of the most engaging posts so go ahead and post photos. Once again not hard selling your product. Motivational and inspirational photos fly well. As do photos indirectly associated with your business. What do I mean by this? Well, post photos of your staff at work wearing their pyjamas. Or celebrating someone’s birthday.  Let you imagination run wild a little. You know you want too.


Well, I hope that gives you a couple of ideas and a little bit of hope for your Facebook engagement.

Don’t give up – it will be worth it!


Signing off until next time.