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Are you relevant? Facebook Introduces a Relevance Score for Advertisers.


Do you use Facebook advertising to promote your business? Then  you may be interested in the latest development that enables tracking of the relevance of your ads to your audience.

Facebook have introduced a ‘relevance score’.  You will find the score located in your ads reporting tool.

Rolling out globally this week.

Read the full article here:



Small Business & Video Marketing

Many small business owners are under the impression that video marketing is only for the big guns.

This is not the case. Video marketing for social is very effective in a number of ways.

There are a number of platforms that video is used on not including the obvious YouTube.

6-second vine videos, 15 second Instavids (Instagram) 2-3 minutes on Facebook and news feed vids on Google+. Videos are featured via the Professional Portfolio and they can be ‘pinned’ to Pinterest.


Why do we love short videos? There are a number of factors. I believe that we are all so busy that we just don’t have the time to sit and watch anything longer than 3 minutes. Our attention spans and the need to consume make us seek out things that we are ‘snackable’ So many of us are watching content with our mobile devices so the smaller the better.


The next question is what kind of videos you share. How do to something- Solving a problem using your product. This is one of the easiest and quickest options. For instance if you are a personal trainer show how to do a sit-up. The challenge is getting your message through in such a short time.

Display an event that you are holding especially around holiday times such as Christmas.

Go behind the scenes. Introduce the people behind the business. Social is about building relationships and if your fans get to know you then you will build a loyal base.

Really you are only limited to your imagination.


Social Media Image Dimensions


Dimensions for images change often and are different for every platform. Here are the current dimensions for you. Hope this helps.


Cover Photo 851 x 315 pixels

Profile Picture 160 x 160 pixels

Uploaded Photos should be 470 pixels wide for best news feed view

Videos should be 504 x 283 pixels for maximum benefit

Featured Images in link posts should be 470 x 246 pixels



Header Image 1,500 x 500 pixels

Profile Photo 200 x 200 pixels

Shared Videos 480 x 360 pixels

Shared Link/Photo 499 pixels max width


Cover Photo varies based on whether Company page or Personal page

User Profile Photo 240 x 240 pixels for paid users, 200 x 200 pixels for free accounts

Shared Links featured image will display at 442 x 238 pixels


Cover Photo 1,080 x 608 pixels

Profile Photo 250 x 250 pixels

Shared Images display at 426 pixels wide

Shared Link full width thumbnail 426 x 255 pixels


Images on Main Page are 236 pixels wide — height varies

Profile Photo 200 x 200 pixels

Pin page expands photos to a maximum of 736 pixels


Profile Photo 110 x 110 pixels

Photos in feed display at 510 x 510 pixels

Cover Photo is a mix of your uploaded photos

Instagram photos are square (keep that in mind)


Channel Art Photo 1,546 x 423 pixels

Profile Photo 100 x 100 pixels minimum